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Health Services

Base and Operational Medicine Clinic

The Base Operational Medicine Clinic (BOMC) oversees all active duty medical readiness-related exams/components including:

  • Periodic Health Assessments
  • Deployment-related Health Assessments
  • Separation Health Physical Examinations
BOMC also oversees all medical clearance processing for applications related to retraining, overseas PCS, Palace Chase / Palace Front, Professional Military Education, and Command Selection Board.

Finally, BOMC includes the Medical Standards Management Element, which oversees medical profiles, the Airman Medical Readiness Optimization (AMRO) Board, and the Medical Evaluation Board process.

Periodic Health Assessment

The objective of the PHA/MHA is to determine a service member’s fitness for duty in accordance with service regulations and policies.

1. Complete Periodic Health Assessment Questionnaire on the ASIMS website.

2. To schedule PHA/MHA, call the NCR appointment line at 1-888-999-1212 or 1-855-227-6331. The PHA/MHA is NOT conducted by Mental Health; please do not select the options for Mental Health. The PHA/MHA is a virtual, by-phone appointment that takes less than 10 minutes to complete. If you are due for DRHA 3/4/5, this can be closed out at the same time as your PHA/MHA. The provider will attempt to call you twice within your appointment time. If you don't answer, you will be marked as a No-Show.

3. If you are on Presidential Support Duty and assigned to the Banholzer Clinic, please call 240-612-1143 to schedule your PHA/MHA.

4. If you are Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve, call QTC at 833-782-7477 to schedule MHA first, after completing PHAQ. Then, call the NCR appointment line at 1-888-999-1212 or 1-855-227-6331 to schedule your PHA at Joint Base Andrews. You will NOT be signed off until JBA completes your PHA. 

5. After your PHA/MHA appointment, allow up to seven days for the PHA to be updated in ASIMS. If your IMR still shows as due after your appointment, please call 240-612-3943 or send a message to Andrews MG BOMC on the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal.

Deployment Related Health Assessment

DRHAs are necessary for personnel recently tasked to deploy or returning from a deployment. The assessment consists of the online questionnaire and the appointment with an MTF provider.

DRHA 1/DRHA 2: This appointment must be done in person only.

Go to the ASIMS website and complete the questionnaire before your pre-deployment DRHA appointment. 

DRHA 1 (pre-deployment only): To schedule DRHA 1, please call 888-999-1212 or send a message to “Andrews MG BOMC” via the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal.

DRHA 2/3/4/5: To schedule DRHA 2/3/4/5, call 240-612-3943 or send a message to “Andrews MG BOMC” on the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal.

Medical Standards Management Element

An element within the Base Operational Medicine Clinic, the Medical Standards Management Element is responsible for processing medical clearances for retraining, PCS clearance for active duty personnel, special duties, profiles, such as 469 or 422, security clearances, and PME 422s.

MSME is also responsible for the coordination of the Separations History Physical Exam program, as well as the Airman Medical Readiness Optimization Board (AMRO Board, formerly called the DAWG), and the Medical Evaluation Board process.

For additional information, please visit our Medical Standards Management Element page.

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Hours subject to change in support of federal holidays, designated family days, and training days, held the second and fourth Thursday of each month

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