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Services are limited to the Emergent Care Center on all federal holidays, designated family days, and the second Thursday of each month.

The Emergent Care Center at Joint Base Andrews is open 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., 7 days a week. Patients with emergency medical needs after hours will be directed (or transported by ambulance if calling 911) to an emergency department at a nearby hospital.

The Military Health System Nurse Advice Line is available 24/7 at or 1-800-TRICARE (874-2273) Option 1.

Customer Service

Patient Advocate

Phone Number: 240-612-2048
Email Address:

Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator/Debt Collection Assistance Officer

Phone Number: 240-612-2202

Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE)

ICE :: Service Provider List (

Beneficiary Comments

Concerns, suggestions and compliments from our patients and their family members may be sent to the Patient Advocate Department.
If concerns are not adequately resolved, patients have the right to contact The Joint Commission at 800-994-6610, or by submitting a concern or complaint online 

Exceptional Family Member Program Inquiries

EFMP inquiries, questions, or concerns may be sent to the EFMP Department 
If you are separating or retiring and you are not Q-coded, the military personnel section will finalize your outprocessing checklist.

TRICARE Operations and Patient Administration

Inquiries regarding medical records, birth certificates, release of information, patient registration, in/outprocessing, etc. can be sent to the TOPA Department

Medical Evaluation Board Inquiries

MEB inquiries, questions, or concerns may be sent to the MEB Department 

Employment Verification


Send your request to the Credential Department

Government Civilian

Potential employee are able to provide verification by submitting a Standard Form 50, Notification of Personnel Action or Leave and Earning Statement.


The potential employee’s current/previous employer is able to provide employment verification

Media Queries

All media queries must be submitted to the Public Affairs Liaison Officer.

Are you on staff at this MTF and need to request a change to this website?
Send your request to the Public Affairs Officer at this facility. Be sure to provide the proper page links (URLs) and instructions that are required to complete your request. If your changes include images, GIFS, or attachments be sure to add those attachments to your email.

Contact Us


Appointment Line

888-999-1212 or 855-227-6331

Hospital Information Line


COVID Vaccination Information Line


Release of Information

Phone: 240-857-5614
Fax: 240-857-8631

Medical Records

Phone: 240-857-8538
Fax: 240-857-0089


Building 1060, West Perimeter Road,
Joint Base Andrews, NAF Washington,
Maryland 20762

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