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Visitor Guidelines

NOTE: Gate schedules and access may change periodically.  Visit for the most up-to-date Operating Conditions and Gate Hours.

Visitation Policy

In order to protect the health of staff and patients, the National Capital Region Market implemented a facility visitation policy on 18 March 2020. The policy restricts visitors to one parent/guardian for minors and one caregiver for elderly patients or those with a disability requiring assistance.  The local HPCON level and medical necessity may dictate processes that are more restrictive than shown below.

Who is considered a visitor or caregiver?

Visitor/Caregiver – relative, partner, or friend of the patient (or parent/guardian) who chooses to provide assistance with transportation, rehabilitation, psychosocial support, and/or cognitive needs of the patient.

All Outpatients

  1. Two parents may attend the initial newborn follow-up appointments and the two-week well baby appointment.  Exceptions are not approved for other well child visits
  2. One visitor may accompany a patient who will undergo a procedure that will require wound care assistance.
  3. One visitor may accompany a patient who will take an anxiolytic/sedative for a procedure or imaging study.
  4. One visitor may accompany a patient to Women’s Health clinic appointment if the patient is being seen for her initial “new OB’ visit or if she is being seen for care regarding a miscarriage.  Exceptions are not approved for other OB visits beyond the new OB visit.
  5. One visitor may accompany a patient who is undergoing a fetal ultrasound scan in Radiology.
  6. Children may accompany a visitor, who together with a patient, if childcare options are not available and the visitor is at least 18 years old and exercises control over children at all times.
  7. One visitor may accompany a patient to an optometry appointment.

Mandatory Use of Face Coverings

In order to reduce the transmission and associated health/mission impacts of Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19) and visitors will be screened and dispositioned in accordance with current entry control point procedures.
  1. All Patients and visitors (2 years and older) will wear their own cloth mask or medical-grade face mask (without mask valve) upon arrival and throughout their stay in the facility. 
  2. Patients or visitors without their own face covering or if the face covering doesn’t properly fit will be provided one by the medical group entry control point.
  3. Patients may temporarily remove face coverings only when instructed to do so by the medical group staff for purposes of providing healthcare.

Service Animal Access to Facilities

  1. Service animals may accompany patients and visitors in military treatment facilities as long as such access does not compromise public health and safety.
  2. It is the sole responsibility of owners or handlers to ensure their service animals receive adequate veterinary care and provide care and stewardship, to include feeding, watering, exercising, toileting, and waste removal.
  3. Dogs that are “in training” or whose sole function is to provide emotional support, comfort, therapy, or companionship are not service animals under the ADA.
  4. Handler must present (or answer) animal verification upon request.
  5. Personal pets are not permitted in the facility.

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